1. We will meet at least once to become acquainted and to discuss the size, composition, color, placement and mood (formal, informal or somewhere in between) of the portrait. 

2. We meet again, at which time I will take reference photographs of the subject(s). These sessions usually run for two or three hours.

3. We will finalize the composition, expression etc. Some clients want to be surprised, while others want to decide upon a look beforehand.

4. Painting begins! Time to completion will depend upon size and complexity. Generally it will take between one and three months. The painting will be available for viewing before it is complete to allow for changes.

Standard Sizes and Compositions


Approximate Size



Head and Shoulders

Adult -20 x 16
Child - 16 x 12



Half Figure w/Hand(s)

Adult - 34 x 24
Child - 24 x 18



Three Quarter Figure

Adult -54 x 34
Child - 40 x 28



Full Figure

Adult -70 x 48
Child - 50 x 36

Having a portrait painted is a unique personal experience, yet one that will be shared and enjoyed for generations. The relationship between subject and artist is a very special one. I treat each opportunity with the care and time it deserves, and use only the finest materials available.

Looking forward to working with you,

Zachary Thornton